Here’s what clients have shared about working with me… 

Kit was an amazing coach with the Energy Leadership Development System.  Once Kit helped me understand some unseen trends, he helped me implement strategies to rebalance and apply leadership energy for improved success. Kit was always professional & honest, and the overall experience was one that I highly recommend.

Michael Santoro – Director, Natural Data Analytics, LLC – Chantilly, VA

Kit has excellent listening skills and was able to paraphrase my thoughts and concerns oftentimes. This allowed me to see the situation more clearly and see that there are options right in front of me that I was missing because I was too caught up in the situation. Kit’s guidance allowed me to see the situation and options (and that there were options) much more clearly. 

The Bottom Line: Kit’s coaching enabled various challenges I was confronting to be analyzed in a different light, and approaches for resolution were identified, discussed and executed, with excellent success!

Deborah Allegretti, Director Program Management Office, Tata Communications – Matawan, NJ

Kit is an incredibly insightful coach who is extremely adept at creating a safe space for his clients. He artfully asked me questions that helped to bring my barriers and blocks to the surface. Kit listened not only to what I said, but what I didnt say, and was able to package that up into something that got at the heart of the matter, allowing me to make meaningful progress. He was with me every step of the way as I reframed old ways of thinking and worked to establish new behaviors. If you are looking for a coach, look no further than Kit!

Demetria, CEO/Founder

Kit is a totally down-to-earth, approachable coach. He has a laid-back style…but will challenge you (appropriately and kindly) when the stories in your head are getting in your way! He’s warm and engaging and cares deeply about supporting you in achieving your goals.

Sue Mann