Helping leaders transform conflicts into successes

“Conflict is inevitable in a project environment.”
- Project Management Body of Knowledge

We’ve read this when we were studying for our PMP exam, and we’ve seen this in the projects we manage. Many managers fight these challenges, others withdraw and avoid them despite knowing better.  There are many more choices than these. Learn how to see them.

“Not all conflicts are bad, not all agreements are good.”

A recent Myers-Briggs Human Capital Report highlights both the positives and negatives of conflict. On the positive side, over three quarters (76%) of employees have identified a good end result from conflict. On the other end of the spectrum, 27% of employees have seen conflict lead to personal attacks, 25% have seen it result in sickness or absence, and nearly one in ten (9%) even saw it result in a project failure. The question is to ask is “How can I achieve more positive outcomes from these inevitable conflicts?”

“The choice is yours, but you need to be aware of all your options.”

The fight/flight/freeze instinct is biologically wired into us, and influences our decisions especially when we are stressed.  Using industry-proven techniques such as Energy Leadership lets you see that you have many more choices.  Learn these techniques to see these choices for yourself.   

Kit Portrait


Kit Tankhiwale

Having spent years in the IT and Telecommunications industries managing complex projects from various roles, I’ve discovered that people generally want to succeed.  However, conflict arises due to their actions and mindset in their approach to that success. 

It’s not just in the workplace – we experience conflict in many aspects of our lives. What I’ve found is a way of reducing and/or leveraging conflicts in order to reach a successful outcome. 

My expertise is based in not only 25 years of software development and leading program management offices, but also 25 years of training and teaching Aikido, a Japanese martial art that’s known as “The Art of Peace”.  This unique martial art has trained me to always look for the true win-win outcome, not just a compromise. 

Combined with best practices in executive coaching, energy leadership, and project management, what I offer is the opportunity to be more efficient and more fulfilled at work and at life in general, and to improve your likelihood of success for your projects in a sustainable manner.